Recovery coach, Jenna Meglan
Recovery Coaches

"Recovery coaches" in Jackson County help parents who have lost custody of their children due to substance abuse issues.

Jill Seyfred
Connections with Renee Shaw

Jill Seyfred, executive director of Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, discusses her agency’s activities.

Haley Dyer
Connections with Renee Shaw

A college student talks about her struggles with anorexia, and an expert talks about the medical science relating to eating disorders.

Teen Pregnancy
Kentucky Health

Drs. Lori Caloia and Jennifer Angermeier discuss teen pregnancy and JCPS Teenage Parent Program.

Anthony Smith
Connections with Renee Shaw

Anthony Smith talks about eliminating violence among black youth nationwide.

Kentucky Health

Experts discuss dyslexia.

Dr. John E. Gallehr
Kentucky Health: John E. Gallehr, MD

A psychiatrist and pediatrician discusses child and adolescent psychiatry issues.

Terry Brooks
TATU: Teens Against Tobacco Use

Learn how students at Tates Creek High School teach younger students about the dangerous effects of tobacco use in an interactive, hands-on session.

What Does Every Teen Need?
What Does Every Teen Need?

Challenges facing teens today and strategies that ensure every adolescent arrives at adulthood protected and prepared.

Safe and Sound
Safe and Sound

Explores the importance of social and emotional development in the first years of life.

More Than Childs Play
More Than Child's Play

Explores why children need to be physically active.

Well Fed
Well Fed

Explores how parents, schools, and communities can provide children with the best nutrition.

Out of control children
Health Three60: The Out of Control Child

Experts discuss solutions and resources for parents of children with extreme behavior problems.

Terry Brooks
Health Three60: Clearing the Smoke

Looks at policies, programs and community solutions needed to reduce our dependence on tobacco and create a healthier Kentucky.

Health Three60
Health Three60: When Children Are Cruel

Explores the impact of bullying on students today, the role of bystander intervention, and how schools are implementing anti-bullying programs.

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Susan and Morgan Guess
Connections with Renee Shaw: Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation

Resources and information about the impact bullying has on the bully and the bullied.

Childhood Cancer
Connections with Renee Shaw: Childhood Cancer

Renee talks with survivors and parents about their experiences and the research on the rare maladies striking youth.

Cathe Dykstra
Connections with Renee Shaw: Family Scholar House

Cathe Dykstra, CEO, talks about how the Louisville organization works to end the cycle of poverty by providing housing and educational support to single-parent students and their families.

Terry Brooks
Connections with Renee Shaw: Kinship Care

Kentucky has one of the highest rates in the nation of children being raised by grandparents and other relatives. Learn about the financial, emotional, and legal challenges that kinship care poses.

Tony Kemper
One to One with Bill Goodman: Louisville's de Paul School

Bill speaks with Tony Kemper, head of The de Paul School in Louisville, an independent school focusing on students with dyslexia, ADHD, and central auditory processing deficits.

Lois Combs Weinberg
Connections with Renee Shaw: Lois Combs Weinberg

Lois Combs Weinberg, known throughout Kentucky for her education efforts, discusses the Hindman Settlement School's Dyslexia program, which she founded to help kids like her son.

Terry Brooks
One to One with Bill Goodman: Rural Child Poverty Nutrition

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack discusses the establishment of the USDA's Rural Child Poverty Nutrition Center.

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