American Graduate Champion: Menaissance

Menaissance fosters a love for reading in high school boys by connecting reading to music production.

Gwen Kelly
American Graduate:
Gwen Kelly

Meet Gwen Kelly, Louisville activist, artist, and KET's community engagement coordinator for American Graduate. If you are interested in learning more about her work in Louisville and how you can be involved, email her at KET.

Dropping Back In
Dropping Back In 5:
Building a Better Life

Successful apprentice and training-based programs – such as Alexandria Seaport Foundation's boatbuilding program and Cafe Hope, a culinary apprentice program in New Orleans – prepare under-educated and unemployed people for available jobs by teaching valuable skills.

Kentucky's largest classroom
Kentucky's largest classroom
KET and Education

KET's mission is to make Kentucky a better place and strengthen its communities by educating, inspiring, informing, and connecting its citizens through the power of public media. Learn more about KET's education mission.

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